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The Climate Witness Project connects the power of storytelling with the science of climate change.  Through eyewitness testimony of a changing climate by people who have worked outdoors for their careers, the many impacts of a changing climate become tangible to global audiences.  Hear from climate witnesses by clicking on an image below:

ProKop Teper - Climate Witness

Glacier tour guide ProKop Teper describes the impacts climate change is having on the Jostedal Glacier, the largest glacier in Europe.

Kyrre Fløtve - Climate Witness

Outdoor guide and creator of Coasteering, an aquatic version of mountaineering, Kyrre explains the need to physically connect with nature to understand how it is changing.

Ole Lien - Climate Witness

Ole Lien, a farmer in Hemsedal, Norway, discusses the positive impacts a warmer climate is having on his small dairy farm.

Anna Kristine Jahr Røine - Climate Witness

Anna Kristine describes changes in the Nordre Øyeren naturreservat, northern Europe's largest inland river delta.

Bror Olsen - Climate Witness

Bror describes the disappearance of the sea-going Arctic Char, an anadromous fish that relies on cold fresh water.

John-Andreas Henden - Climate Witness

John-Andreas describes how the changes in climate are impacting ptarmigans, a bird that lives in the middle of the food chain and is a significant sport hunting target.

Nigel Yoccoz - Climate Witness

COAT Researcher Nigel describes the changes in lemming populations and the impact these changes have on the arctic ecosystem.

Ole Petter Vindstad - Climate Witness
COAT Research Ole Petter describes the migration of birch moths due to warmer weather and the impact this migration is having on the forests of northern Norway.

Stein Haugsveen - Climate Witness

After running a ski rental shop in Lillehammer Norway for over 40 years, Stein has seen a lot of changes to the environment.

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