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Gourp 2 - Blog Post #1: Climate and Local Journalism

We recently started our first semester of the year. The semester is split into two modules where we will be evaluating journalistic content communicating climate information in the first one, and creating a new design in the second one. The new design will be based on our findings in the first module. We will be working together as a group, consisting of Simon, Hector, Susanne, Martine and Emma. This particular constellation of students is new for us, but we are excited and optimistic for the collaboration throughout this project. The general theme for the project is communication of climate information which is a new topic for us to work with. We are all happy to be working with such a current and challenging theme, and look forward to learn more about it during the next few months.

The publication we are working with this semester is Bergensavisen, which is a local newspaper established in 1927. In the first module we will be combining the eye tracking technology Noldus with the wrist monitor Empatica E4, and interviews. The eye tracking technology will provide us with data about the eye movement and gaze, while the physiological data from the wrist monitor gives us data about the sweat, temperature, heart rate and blood volume. We will be testing on 10 informers, where two of them will be tested with eye tracking and wrist monitor. We have chosen a demographic profile, householders from Bergen.

Today, Friday 7th of February, we had our first meeting with the editor of Bergensavisen which left us very optimistic for the coming collaboration. We are now ready to begin recruiting candidates for the evaluation, and are well on the way with planning and organizing the evaluation. We look forward to an innovative and challenging semester.

/Emma, Martine, Simon, Hector & Susanne

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