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Group 6 Final Blog Post: Bergen Climate Time Travel

Blog Post #6

Prototyping, finals and our thoughts on this semester 

Kristin Eidsheim, Live Aadneram Enevoldsen, Tommy Kojen, Camilla Bakke Hermansen, Marie Presthus 

We started the last part of the semester with a walk through of what the final report of the prototype should contain with the lecturers. This report was supposed to be more of a sales pitch to our "customers" Fløibanen AS and Scary Weather than a professional report with lots of terminology and methods. But we did have to include our design choices from the prototype, which made the report a bit harder to write, since it wouldn't have the same flow as ususal. 

While writing the report we also laid our finishing touches on the actual prototype. There were a lot of small details that probably no one else but us would notice, that led to hours of tweaking on the smallest things. The picture above is an example of how we were trying to make one of the frames for "Spread the word". There were several split opinions on different frames, but we decided to solve everything by voting. If there were too many options everyone had two votes, and then we did another round after the first one with only one vote each. Even though not all of us was happy every time, everyone was satisfied with the end result. 

Even though this has been a super weird semester to say the least, we have made it work really well as a group. Everyone has participated each morning, every task has been completed, we have laughed a lot and also argued a bit, but Group 6 "Bergen Climate Travel" pulled through. There were some really late nights during Module 1, which we really learned from now when we were writing the final report for Module 2. The days were long, but at least we got enough sleep during the nights. Some of the best memories is laughing our asses off trying to decide what our headings should be named after working for 11 hours and barely any breaks. 

For anyone having this course next year, you better be excited. Even though the lecturers sometimes may be a little bit contradicting and confusing, it is more than worth it. We were supposed to learn a lot of fun stuff this semester which we unfortunately missed out on due to Covid-19, but next years students will have the time of their lives. 

We were all aware that seeing climate changes all the time while working on this project was going to be powerful. Seeing and working with them "so close", made us treasure the little things we do in everyday life that affects the climate a bit more. We also learned a lot about Bergen and Fløyen that none of us knew about before! We all truly became more climate conscious because of this project.

It has been an exciting semester and we have coped well over online hangouts and meetings. We probably could have started writing the report earlier, but on the other side we prioritized the prototype. We are at least very happy with everything overall, and everyone in the group has made a huge effort 😁 We are happy and proud on our own behalfs and we have worked very hard, no matter what!

Here is a demonstration of the project:

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