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Group 2 - Final Blog Post: Creating a Climate Museum Exhibit

Module 2 and this year's semester are coming to an end. For about two months we have been living in different cities due to the current situation. We've worked through Google Docs and used Zoom to talk to each other. During the last 2 weeks of the module, 4 out of 5 members have been in Bergen and have therefore had the opportunity to meet at Martine's home to work, where the fifth member has contributed via Zoom.

When we started this module we were told that BA, our original collaborator, had to withdraw from the project and we were told that our new collaborator was Scary Weather. This made us a little stressed and we were a bit skeptic, as we didn't know anything about what their installation at the Universitetsmuseet was like or how it worked. We gained access to the reports from the other groups, and we read and understood the insights that the groups that had been working with Scary Weather had written about in the reports from module 1. Despite some skepticism at first, we think it has been exciting and educational to collaborate with Scary Weather, and not least fun. Despite the change of collaborator, we believe that the insight from module 1 was highly relevant in module 2. In addition to changing collaborator, we also changed our target group from homeowners in their 30s to 15-year-olds. We remembered that Scary Weather in the start of module 1 presented themselves briefly and they told us that they wanted to reach out to 15-year-olds. We therefore decided to try to work with a product that was adapted to them, and we came up with the game "Klimavalget".

The game is based on the character Kim Klima and his friend Max Miljø. We follow Kim through various situations where it's necessary for the users to make a choice. These situations are based on everyday situations that young people may be in; to buy new clothes or buy used / used what you already have, get picked up by car or ride a bike home, and eat meat or try a plant-based alternative. Each choice has its own theme, and the choices they make affect the climate - or in this situation the character Jan Jordklode. Jan Jordklode provides fact-based feedback based on the users choice. After each choice, other fact-based information is presented to the user through three different formats; an article in an online newspaper, an article in a newspaper and a news report on TV. Finally, you meet Jan Jordklode, who tells the user how things have gone based on the sum of the choices made earlier in the game. We are pleased with what we have managed to accomplish during this module. The game still has its limitations, as the tool we developed the game in does not support audio and video. We have many ideas about what features we would implement if we were to continue with the game.

Throughout module 2, we have been patient with each other and adapted to each other's schedules. We have had a shared calendar where we have set aside days for school and where we have added our workdays. Since big parts of this course has been influenced by extraordinary circumstances that have been beyond the control of academic teachers and the university, it is difficult to say what can be done better for the future. However, we have at times experienced somewhat contradictory messages, which can be improved for future teaching of this course. We think it's a shame that we won't get a proper end to this semester, and that we don't know when we will see each other, fellow students and teachers again. But all in all, this course has been very educational. Working with a real customer has been very educational and exciting.

Now that we have summer vacation and delivered our exam we have agreed with Ronald to have another meeting with him to talk about further development of our game. He has shown great commitment and has been clear that this is something he wants us to work further with. We are crossing our fingers for an exciting collaboration and are very excited.

/Emma, Martine, Simon, Hector & Susanne

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