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Group 1 - Blog Post #1: Climate Journalism and NRK

This spring semester our class in the MIX202 course will be working on an exciting collaborative project with three different media companies, NRK, BA and Scary Weather. Our group, Group 1, will in module 1 be using methods like interviewing and eye tracking to evaluate climate journalism in NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. In module 2, we are going to create media content that their climate newsroom hopefully can implement and use.

We started up with the course almost two weeks ago, having an introduction class where we got a lot of general information about what the semester is going to look like. Then we were divided into six groups, where each group was assigned to one of the three media companies. When our group was linked to NRK, we started to have a look at different articles and videos they have made about climate change. Based on this exploration of their climate journalism, we found different media formats we would like to compare in our testing in module 1. Different media formats could be animation videos, interactive scrolling stories or more common “flat” articles with text and pictures separated. We think it would be interesting to investigate how the different formats may affect users in different ways.

In addition to the types of formats, we came up with a couple of target groups that we would like to focus on. A specific group we talked a lot about were young parents in their twenties. Have their role as parents changed their view on climate change? How? Another group we were considering was second-generation immigrants. Does their connection to another country affect their interest in local and global climate issues?

After defining these possible comparisons and target groups, our next step is to present these ideas to NRK. This week we also learned more about eye tracking and the equipment we are going to use from Noldus, in addition to a lecture and workshop with Andy Opel about environmental journalism and climate communication. The lecture gave us insight into how climate issues have been published in the media during the last decades.

Now we are looking forward to talking to NRK, and to receive feedback and suggestions from them, so that we can start to concretize our ideas. We are excited to see how we can help promote knowledge on such an important issue!

Group 1

Ingfrid Daland Næss, Emilie Munthe-Kaas, Eivind Gisholt, Ida Ødegård, Paula Jee Ullaland

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