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Group #1 - NRK and Target Audience

After our last blogpost we met up with NRK to confirm the target group that we wanted to work with, and to receive feedback on the content we wanted to test on our participants. The meeting went well and they seemed excited for what we had planned. In terms of the target group we decided that we wanted to look closer at parents between the age of 18 to 35. We looked at this target group as important to understand because they are raising a new generation, and this new generation should preferably be well informed regarding the climate changes. To gain better understanding of this audience we wanted to test them on how they perceive news in the format of an interactive article and a video.

NRK were clear on that they wanted us to present statistics in some way in the content we are to produce in module 2. Therefore, the video we chose is a video of theirs that presents statistics to see what they are already doing well and how we might help them improve. The interactive article we chose displays a lot of moving graphics, videos and boxes that you can click on while reading. These types of articles are especially interesting for us to look into because they take a lot of time and money to create, and they typically do well with the readers. Therefore, it will be fun too see if we can find anything to improve.

Generally our project has evolved a lot since our last blog post. We have since then learned how to use the Noldus equipment that involves an eye-tracking device, combined with a wristband that measures physiological data. On monday we presented how we planned to use these technologies for Wouter Van de Welde who is a part of Noldus. We are also in the midst of collecting participants and we have conducted six out of the ten interviews that we have planned for.

When trying to collect participants we had some problems finding enough of them, so we ended up changing our target group. This immediately brought us more participants and we ended up having strong arguments for why this was for the better. Our target group is now parents that have children from age 16 and under. To get in touch with our participants we created posters that we posted on social media and we have done our best to take advantage of our own network. We have conducted interviews in our participants’ homes, in public spaces and in our own safe environment at Media City Bergen.

In the following week we will continue to conduct interviews and start to analyze the data that we have collected.

Group 1

Ingfrid Daland Næss, Emilie Munthe-Kaas, Eivind Gisholt, Ida Ødegård, Paula Jee Ullaland

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