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Group #1 - Blog Post 4: Starting Module 2

A new module


Since last blog post, when we handed in our report from module 1, we have started working on module 2. The university is still closed down because of COVID-19, and our communication and cooperation is still happening through digital medias, such as Facebook, Zoom, Miro and Google Drive. Because we aren’t able to meet in person, we have to be creative and find different approaches to brainstorm. Sometimes that can be challenging, but at the same time it is educational to work on a project in new ways. For example using Miro to visualize ideas and sort them out. It has also been really helpful for us to have access to Pro Zoom, as we have experienced this to be a reliable video conference site. 

When we are writing this blog post, we have already been working on our module 2 project for a week and a half. We started this module with a group meeting with the entire class to discuss the next few months. For this project, instead of doing user evaluations, the module focuses on prototyping and finding solutions based on our insights from our report. Our goal is to have a finished prototype by the end of May, but we still have a lot of work to do. Before our easter holiday, we are finishing up three pitches for us to present to the teachers. These pitches shoud explain what we are going to experience in this project, who our target group is, what the connection is between our insights and our project, where we imagine the prototype should be presented and/or used and what kind of software we need to use to make this happen. It’s hard not to think ahead of ourselves and actually restrain our thoughts to be about the pitch itself and not what a final prototype may look like. We have just started our project, but we’re already over halfway in our semester. We’re looking forward to the other half!!

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