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Group 1, Blog Post #5: Module 2: Storyboards and Prototypes

Updated: May 11, 2020

Hello again!

This is our second to last blog post this semester. We are now well into module 2 of the course. This week we’re working on prototype 2 of our project, a climate dashboard for NRK. The university is still closed, so we are still collaborating and communicating online, using tools such as Miro, Figma, Zoom and Trello. We feel this is going well so far, even though it can be hard to know when to stop working for the day sometimes and when to take a break, when we need to spend most of our time indoors. 

The prototype is coming along as scheduled. Right now our focus is on finding the climate statistics we need to display in the graphs on the dashboard. We would like to use some live statistics for both the user’s county, Norway as a whole as well as global statistics. We are making the prototype in Figma, so we can collaborate in real time. Part of the project is using the insight we gained from module 1 to design a product our target audience wants to use. We are finding that this can be tough sometimes, as our informants from module 1 often had conflicting feedback, or feedback that doesn’t entirely support what NRK wants to make. We believe we are finding good solutions to these issues, and it’s fun to explore new ways to design to meet with our feedback from both the users from module 1, our lecturers and NRK. 

In the days and weeks going forward we’re looking forward to continuing the design and prototyping process and writing the exam report, before showing our prototype to NRK and our lecturers. See you in june!

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