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Group 1 - Final Blog Post: Reflections on a Climate Dashboard

Blog Post 6 - Group 1

We have now finished the semester and have submitted the final exam. In module 2 we made a finished prototype of the Klimadashbord (Climate Dashboard). The climate dashboard is an interactive platform that presents complex climate statistics in an easy and clear way. The goal is for the user to be able to find reliable information in a format adapted to their everyday life and needs. The design of the prototype is based on module 1 where we evaluated media content from NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation). 

We have also written a specification of the prototype. The specification explains the features of the prototype and justifies our design choices. It has been good to be able to write about the thoughts we have had regarding the project, but this time we were going to write a pitch with an informal tone and not an academic text as we are used to. The specification will be published online after it has been translated to English. It has been challenging as well as an educational and useful experience to be able to carry further into the working life.

In Module 2, we have done everything from digital collaboration because of COVID-19, which has been challenging at times. The days have been filled with digital video meetings and a lot of work on the project. We have used a collaborative design tool called Figma to design the prototype, and the meetings have been completed through Zoom. At the beginning of the semester there were very high expectations for the subject, and module 2 we should have had better follow-up of both subject teachers and closer cooperation with NRK. We have noticed that COVID-19 has affected the situation a lot. We are pleased with the results of the project, but it is sad to miss social events and a closer cooperation. It is hard to imagine what the last six months would have looked like without COVID-19, but we believe that this course would have reached its potential if we could have been present at Media City Bergen's premises with close follow-up of teachers.

- Ingfrid Daland Næss

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