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Group 2, Blog Post #5 - Module 2: A Day for Kim Klima

The easter holiday is over and we have started working on our project for module 2. As per our last blog post we pitched three ideas to the course administrators and Ronald from Scary Weather. After receiving feedback we have now chosen our project, and are currently working on prototyping it.

The project we are working on is an interactive game or story. The user follows the protagonist, currently named Kim Klima, through his day. Throughout the story the user has to make three decisions impacting the story. After each choice another character, “the earth”, gives some feedback on how this choice impacts the climate. Kim, and therefore the user, is also subjected to a number of news stories throughout the game which gives more in depth information about the choices that are made.

The game is imagined as an installation at the Univeristy Museum here in Bergen. Many of the design choices we are making is based on the insights we got from the findings of other groups’ work in module 1. We are also taking care to include our own findings in how to present complex data in a good and informative manner.

The museum wanted an installation that could also bring the museum experience outside their walls. Our project plays out similar to Black Mirror’s episode “Bandersnatch”, as each choice influences the story and makes for different paths to the ending. Our hope is for people to come to the museum and play out one of the paths. We hope this will pique their curiosity and lead them to access the website at home to explore different choices and take other paths.

As of now we have created one of the paths, and the look and feel of the prototype is pretty good. Our next challenge is to make the dialogue and news articles interesting. We are not journalists or writers, making this one of the toughest challenges yet.

/Emma, Martine, Simon, Hector & Susanne

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