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Group #3 - BA and Climate Journalism

Hello, again. Since the last blog post, we have been meeting our collaborators at BA and planned our cooperation. We were discussing our and their different expectations for the project, as well as they provided us with some insight into how they handle climate journalism at the moment. The meeting went well, and we are looking forward to doing this project, and showing the people at BA what we come up with.

We have learned to use Eye Tracking and stress bracelets tools and completed a test run along with the other groups in class. There is a lot to think about at the same time while using the tools, and the learning curve is pretty steep in the beginning. The test project was still really fun, even though we managed to make almost all mistakes possible. After practicing with the tools for a while now, we’re starting to get a grip on how to get the best possible test results, and we feel ready to start doing some actual physiological tests on our informants.

We have already recruited all of our informants, and started interviewing a few. Finding and contacting all of the informants has been hard work, but now we’ve finally got them all on a schedule and should be done by week 11 if everything goes to plan. It was tough finding random people in our target group, as we barely knew any people who had young children, but the cold-calling and favor-asking are done. Now we’ve gotten everything ready to do the actual tests.

Thus far we have completed 5 interviews and one Eye Tracing and stress bracelet test. Things have been going very well so far. The tests are being held at MCB, as this is the easiest place for the informants to meet us. We also thought it would be stressful for the informant if we had come to their homes, as with all the necessary setup and the equipment we’d bring. After we’ve conducted all the tests and interviews we’ll analyze all the information we’ve gathered, and perform an evaluation of the two news articles we’ve chosen. We are going to analyze all the information and the data we have collected and use this information to help BA.


Lene, Emilie, Anniken, Andrea, Hanna and Edvard

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