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Group 3 - Blog Post #1: Climate and Local Newspapers

Hello! We are bachelor students in Media and Interaction design at the University of Bergen. This semester we are taking a course called Design for Media Use. During this course we are going to document some of the process on this blog.

At this course the focus is journalism about climate change. We got divided into groups of 5/6 students and each group got assigned a company that to a greater or lesser extent produce journalism that focus on different climate change issues and climate in general. The companies were NRK, BA and Scary Weather. Our group was assigned BA (Bergensavisen), which is a local newspaper in Bergen, Norway. They publish news online and in printed newspapers. This course is divided into two modules. Module 1 focus on evaluating and analyzing two articles already published in BA. We are going to use different interview techniques on ten informants about the articles and in addition use eye-tracking and stress bracelets on two of them. This will be used to see how a person's mental state and physiological responses interact to affect one another and retrieve psychophysiological data.

In module 2 we will focus on developing experimental and original content. We will make storyboards, produce video, audio, animation, and interactive features. The insight from module 1 will help us with what to produce and to reach an explicit target group. At the end of module 2, the goal is to use new methods and technology to make a product that engages the reader and convey an important message.

Until now, we have delegated different roles in the group, and started looking for articles we want to evaluate. We have also discussed which target group we want to focus on.

We are looking forward to start with this project and we will update further. It will be a journey!


Lene, Emilie, Anniken, Andrea, Hanna and Edvard

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