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Group #3 - Blog Post 4: Starting The Next Phase

Going forward, we will work on module 2 of this course. We are going to produce an interactive prototype for the company we are collaborating with, based on the insights from the first module. Everyone in this group have been looking forward to start designing and with the analysis and data from module 1,  we already got some ideas. Because of the corona situation, the company we originally collaborated with had to withdraw from the project. Therefore we are going to work with NRK for this module. In the beginning we thought it would be challenging to readjust to a new company's content, since the evaluation we made in the last module was based on the work of another company. But after reading the student groups evaluation of NRKs articles and videos, we discovered that their findings were quite similar to ours. This was a great relief as the findings from our evaluation still can be useful for this second module. 

The prototype we are going to produce will be a suggestion to NRK, on how they can present different types of statistics and climate information in a “climate dashboard”. We are currently brainstorming for three pitches we are going to present to our lecturers. The themes to our pitches are home readiness, the largest emission countries and increasing rainfall.  The software we are going to use to make this prototype is Adobe XD and Highsoft. We have used Adobe XD earlier in other courses, but Highsoft is new to us. The division of labour in the group is programming, design, video and sound, editing and storyboard. 

Since we are all in different cities right now we have to make the prototype and communicate online. This can be a challenge going forward but hopefully we will find a way to make it work. In working life this can be a scenario you can end up in, where you are not physically present with the people you work with. So we are going in to this with a positive mind and are looking at this as a learning experience.  

We will give you an update later on which idea we chose and how the designing process is going.

- Group 3

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