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Group 3 - Blog Post #5, Module 2: Working on a Prototype

Updated: May 11, 2020

Hello! Our project is moving forward. We are in module two where we are designing and prototyping a website. The idea we chose to move forward with was a home preparedness calculator. 

In the beginning we did an online mini-sprint to start the design process of our website. In the sprint we created how can we questions to establish a goal for the project. We used dot voting to decide the best goal. The goal we decided to go for was; 

“Create a multimedia article that shows possible crises and preparations to handle them in a simple and clear way.”

During the mini sprint we also did some sketching exercises to help us get a picture of how we wanted the website to look like, and to make the storyboard process a bit easier. We then made a detailed storyboard that we will use in the prototyping process. 

We had a meeting with NRK where we presented the storyboard and explained our project, and they had some useful insights. After the meeting with NRK we decided that we wanted to make a website where a calculator based on home preparedness will be the main focus. The goal is to make it easier for the norwegian population to be prepared for a crisis. On this website we will focus on how important home preparedness is and why. We will present different scenarios that can happen. We would like to have a map that show you the crisis that is most likely to happen in the area that you live in. In the calculator you can type in how many people are in your household, so that the items you will need changes according to the size of your family. After you have entered the items you already have at home, you get a shopping-list of the items you are missing. It is also possible to get storage tips.

Although the covid-19 situation has changed our everyday lives and we had to adapt to the situation, we still think that our group dynamic works well. On the other hand it is no secret that it is easier to do creative processes and collaborate when we actually can meet in person. 

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