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Group #4 - Come A Long Way

We’re now in our 10th week of the project and we’ve come a long way since the first blog post we wrote. We’ve started writing about the theoretical part of the assignment so we don’t end up stressing about this part when we’re near the deadline.

Photo: Interview session with the first informant. (Photo: Willem Westli)

From last time we’ve also had two presentations about a pilot test of the NOLDUS equipment and one about the equipment itself. As well we’ve finished the consent form, the interview guide, research goals and hypothesis.

We’ve contacted Amalie Skram high school and got in touch with the department manager so she could contact the classes and ask if we could come by and present our project. The reason for this was to make sure the students got interested in the project, and it’s easier to collect people from this target group in one place (at school) than to search for them through facebook/the public.

We’ve now collected nine confirmed informants, just missing one. As well we’ve planned interview and eye-tracking meetings with them. This week we held one interview on friday the 6th. Next week we’re going to have the other interviews and we’re hoping to collect great results that can help us on our way with the project/module 1 term paper.

Silje Marie Torheim, Bjørne Aarvik, Victoria Westin, Helene Præsttun and Willem Percyval Westli

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