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Group 4 - Blog Post #1: NRK and Climate

Group 4 - NRK

Silje Marie Torheim, Bjørne Aarvik, Victoria Westin, Helene Præsttun, Willem Percyval Westli

During this semester we are supposed to evaluate existing content about climate change, followed by designing something on our own based on the evaluation. At the moment we are in the starting phase of the project. Our group are cooperating with NRK. After today's meeting we got an idea of how we want to work with our project further on. NRK seems very interested in this project, and wants to get involved in our work. They usually don't have any specific target groups when making content regarding climate change, but they would like us to evaluate how their content affects young people. Therefore, we decided that our target group will be high school students. When it comes to which content we want to evaluate, we chose a video about Norway´s greenhouse gas emissions ( (Lenker til eit ekstern område.)). We are supposed to evaluate two different types of media content and for that reason we are waiting for NRK to send a document with different fitting articles regarding climate and the reading numbers on each article. We are trying to plan what we should do in the following weeks and how to cooperate the best with NRK.

NRK just started their own newsroom on climate, and as a result they want to give us free limits on what to produce. They had some articles they thought were fitting to specific target groups. Since we chose our target group after the meeting they didn’t have any particular thoughts of what articles we could work with

Up till now we are working close with the other NRK-group so we get the same information as they do and we can help each other with different problems we confront.

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