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Group #4 - Blog Post 3: Virtual Ending to Module 1

Group 4 - NRK

The last couple of weeks have been stressful and different. From having eight interviews, whereas two included eye-tracking and stress wristband, in two days, to being informed that all the schools was being shut down the next day due to the corona pandemic. Luckily we were so efficient those two days, so all the data we collected was enough to continue writing our final report, even though we didn’t have ten informants as we planned from the start. The results we gathered were in general somewhere near what we expected from the start. 

The pandemic struck Norway and some of us decided to travel home. This meant we had to continue working individually or over video calls. We experienced that is not the most practical way to work together with a project.

During this time away from Media City Bergen we’ve also had video calls with Professor Lars Nyre, Professor Andrew Opel and lecturer Fredrik Jensen about our project. So we’ve gotten feedback/guidance from each and one of them on what areas of the report to improve before handing in the final document. As well we’ve gotten notes of feedback/guidance from the people mentioned above as well as lecturer Oda Nordberg. We had a meeting with NRK about the project, they asked if there were anything we needed help with but at that moment there were nothing we could think of.

We started working individually and writing parts we agreed on who should write, before the last three days where we have worked together through messenger video chat and google drive. During these days we’ve read through the report a lot of times and changed a lot that were already written, before everyone finally agreed the report was complete and ready to be delivered.

Our experience with the media client has been good. There hasn’t been a lot of us working together with them in this module, but we think there will be more in the next one. NRK were very helpful trying to find journalistic content for us to evaluate, which was really helpful. As well during the skype-meeting they really wanted to help us out, but as mentioned earlier there weren’t anything we could think of in that moment.

In this module there were a lot of confusion we would say. There were information about the project we maybe should’ve known about earlier, but in the end it worked out. We kind of got thrown into it and were told to just start. As well, ten (or in our case, eight) informants is a lot, but for 15 “study points” and for us having more data from the reasearch we think it was better than having just two informants as they had last year.

Module 1: Done ✅

Module 2: We're coming for you!

/Silje Marie Torheim, Bjørne Aarvik, Victoria Westin, Helene Præsttun and Willem Percyval Westli

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