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Group 4, Blog Post #4: Module 2: Working with our Client

We are now two weeks into module 2 of our semester, which is about creating something based on our insights from module 1. We were given the task to create something for NRKs planned “Climate Dashboard”, a place they will use to present up-to-date data on climate change as well as climate related news stories. After some brainstorming and input from NRK on our ideas, we landed on making a new version of their climate calculator from 2014.

We started off by criticizing the old design, trying to figure out what worked and what could be done better. We found two key elements we wanted to improve:

  1. Some of the questions were hard to answer, for example how much electricity you used per year in Kwh. This is especially hard for young people, which are our target group.

  2. The results were not inspiring and did not have a call for action. The result was simply shown as an amount of CO2 in tonnes, which does not mean anything to most people.

With these things in mind we created individual storyboards, showing how the calculator could work and look. Based and these we created a storyboard together using Miro. We then had a meeting with the developers of NRKs first climate calculator where we showed off our storyboard and bounced ideas off each other. They were pleased with our progress so far, and thought we were on the right track.

During these weeks we have been working remotely because of Covid-19, which has been challenging, but still has worked surprisingly well. Zoom, Miro, Google Docs and Figma has made this process easier.

Our plan moving forward is to create a working prototype that we hopefully can test on users within our target group. This would clearly point out what is understandable and what is not in our design.

/Silje Marie Torheim, Bjørne Aarvik, Victoria Westin, Helene Præsttun and Willem Percyval Westli

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