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Group 4 - Blog Post #5, Module 2: The Prototype is taking shape

The last few weeks we have worked on creating a semi-functional prototype as well as rethinking our design decisions. We are creating the prototype in Figma, which worked great for a while, but then we hit some major speedbumps. In our prototype we wanted to have buttons that changed color to signalize that they were pressed, and dropdowns that let you choose between different answers to a question. This seemed like fundamental simple interactions to us, but we simply can’t seem to find a way to implement this in Figma without making a million artboards (which is obviously not an option). We are then left with two options: To use Figma, and end up with a prototype that has very little interaction or a set path the user must take, or to code the application in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Since we are not going to test this prototype, we think going with Figma will be the right move. We can show pretty clearly how we want the finished product to work without having a fully functioning prototype, and that is what is important in this project. NRK does not benefit much from getting a working prototype either, as they will simply use our design as inspiration. They have factors to consider that we cannot, like limitations in their framework and how the CO2-calculations are made. It is therefore better that we focus entirely on the ideal user experience, and the quickest way to clearly show our ideas is by using figma.

Otherwise the progress is moving rapidly! We have decided that the results-page will be a chatbot that gives you options on what information to get. This is inspired by BBC’s climate chat bot, and the goal is to engage the user by having the results be presented with an informal and inviting tone. We are also trying to reflect this inviting tone in the questions.

/Silje Marie Torheim, Victoria Westin, Helene Præsttun, Willem Percyval Westli and Bjørne Aarvik

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