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Group 5 - Blog Post #1: Museum Exhibit Design

We are group 5!

First of all: Hi! We are five students from the University of Bergen and we are doing a bachelor degree in “Media- and Interaction design”. This semester we have a course called “Design for Mediebruk”. In the first part of the course our group has a collaboration with a media production company called Scary Weather. We are going to evaluate their exhibition at the University Museum through a user study, consisting of qualitative interviews, eye tracking and a wristband which measures physiological effects.

From left: Joachim, Kornelija, Marianne, Anette and Maj-inga

The exhibition is called “Globusrommet” and the theme is climate and how it affects our globe in regards to wind, temperature and the ocean. Our brief encounters with user studies and evaluations earlier is very different from this case. Now we have to assess and measure the functionality of the physical room as well as the media contentthat Scary Weather is trying to convey to the target group. But with the help of our great teachers and a lot of new, supercool technology this will be yet another challenge that we will learn a lot from.

Even though our goal with this course is to learn how to measure the users reactions and responses to the media content, we will in addition get weekly lectures in climate journalism. We all see the importance of understanding both the science behind climate change but most of all how journalism inflicts peoples opinions and knowledge about the subject.

At this point in the project we have distributed roles within our team, we have been to the University Museum to check out the exhibition and we have started discussing what target group we want to evaluate. On February 7th we have our first official meeting with Scary Weather, and we have a lot of questions ready for them.

The Globe Room at the University Museum

This course is a little different to our previous one because of the fact that we are doing something that has a value outside of our “school-bubble” with grades and finals. And the collaboration with the media industry makes it realistic. This is very motivating because it makes us feel accountable and responsible for the quality of the data (and eventually product) we give away, and makes us want to work harder.

- Joachim, Kornelija, Marianne, Anette and Maj-inga

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