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Group #5 - Blog Post 4: Hello Module 2!

Hello Module 2!

Module 1 has been concluded and the reports with our findings and design implications have been submitted. Our design implications are intended to help Scary weather and others when developing installations and content meant for young people, in our case 18-19 years old. 

Last week we started off module 2 by having a zoom conference with the whole class and our professors, where we discussed module 2 and how we will be working with the project digitally. It might be some challenges to face, because we cannot meet up in person, but we are optimistic and prepared to work efficiently to make the best out of this situation.

To kick things off, we started out by developing 3 ideas for what we might want to produce for Scary Weather. When doing this, we thought about our findings in module 1, to be able to produce ideas that would suit our target audience. We used methods from Google’s design sprint to start the process. Creating “How might we (HMW) questions” were one of the methods. The purpose is to create questions that will focus our attention on what we want to develop. One of our HMW questions: How might we inform about weather and climate in a different way than traditional media? Based on the questions we came up with, we used another sprint method called crazy 8’s. The idea is to sketch 8 variations of an idea in 8 minutes. We decided to use the time we wanted on each sketch instead of the usual 1 minute per. Finally, each of us created a solution sketch, which is a more detailed sketch of your best idea with written explanations to what the different elements in the sketch are and how the concept will be. As we went, we used dot-voting to decide which ideas and concepts we liked better and wanted to include in our final 3 ideas. 

Next up the professors will consider our ideas and give us valuable feedback and their opinions. We are looking forward to really getting started and to hopefully create something unique that will interest and engage young people in the important subject of our climate.

Stay tuned, and we will tell you more details about what we will develop in our next blog.

Anette, Joachim, Kornelija, Maj-Inga & Marianne

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