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Group 5: The Globe Room and Scary Weather

Hello! Three weeks has now passed since last time the internet heard from us and we are thrilled to further update you about our project. Firstly we had a meeting with Ronald Toppe from Scary Weather where we talked about everyone's expectations for this project and planned out further steps. After the meeting we felt enthusiastic about the collaboration with Scary Weather and looked forward to evaluate the “Globe Room” in the upcoming weeks. To evaluate the exhibition, we recruited ten pupils from two different high schools in Bergen to come and test the room. It turned out to be quite time consuming and challenging to recruit informants, because the pupils had winter break last week and we did not get confirmation whether they would show up until monday this week.

Wouter van de Welde from Noldus

As we mentioned in our last blogpost we are going to use eye tracking technology from the company Noldus and a bracelet which measures physiological data, to measure human behaviour in our user tests. We were so lucky to have an employee from Noldus, Wouter van de Welde, visit our class and talk about eyetracking and human behaviour research. This was very educating and useful for the eyetracking-test we are having next week.

First time we tested the Eye tracking glasses and the Empatica bracelet

Prior to the user tests with our pupils, we ran a pilot test with one of our assistant teachers to be as prepared as possible. This way we were able to spot details and adjustments we had to make for the real test further on. We user tested eight informants this week, and now we only have two more to go, which will be on Tuesday next week. We have gained a lot of insights and information about the Globe Room and will start analyzing and synthesizing the data we have gathered next week.

Joachim, Kornelija, Marianne, Anette og Maj-Inga

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