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Group 6 - Blog Post #1: Scary Weather and Climate

Scary Weather

Tommy Kojen, Live Aadneram Enevoldsen, Camilla Bakke Hermansen, Kristin Eidsheim, Marie Presthus

The first week we got to know all the group members and wrote a priority list of the three companies BA, NRK and Scary Weather. Everyone in the group agreed on making Scary Weather our number one on the priority list since this company would give us a different approach to journalism. Scary Weather is trying to convey their climate news in a nontraditional way, e.g. the globe exhibition at the Museum of Natural History in Bergen. Last Friday we decided to visit the museum to see how people were interacting with the exhibition and to choose an audience for further studies. After observing for about an hour we started discussing what audience we wanted to focus on and ended up with “elderly” and “parents and grandparents”.

This week both the groups from MIX202 finally had our first meeting with Scary Weather. Our contact this semester is going to be Ronald Toppe. He wanted to her our thoughts on the globe room at the museum, what audience we wanted to focus further studies on, and if we had any questions regarding the eye tracking and interviews for him. He then told us a lot about Scary Weather’s upcoming projects and our participation in these. Ronald Toppe seems very enthusiastic and engaged in the cause of climate change and we find it easy to get inspired by this.

Everyone in the group is looking forward to working with Ronald and the Scary Weather crew, and to learn more about climate change and climate journalism. We are also really excited to learn the process of eye tracking and reading the results and data next week.

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