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Group #6 - Blog Post 4: Starting Module 2

Blog Post #4

Start of the second module

Kristin Eidsheim, Camilla Bakke Hermansen, Tommy Kojen, Live Aadneram Enevoldsen, Marie Presthus

Last week we started on the second module of this course. The University told us that for the rest of the semester all classes will be online, and that all the lecturers will be available for help and instructions through Zoom and Slack. Our first class was last Wednesday where Lars gave us some information about the new module, their plans for the rest of the semester and what we would be working on for the coming weeks. 

We have started on establishing everyones roles for the following module, and we have chosen three pitch ideas for the project we are going to work on based on the report from module 1. Our first pitch is interactive installations with information about Bergens climate. The second pitch is also an interactive installation but with games implemented to make it more fun. The last pitch is an application with augmented reality. The two first pitches are both supposed to be installations with touch screens that are placed outdoors in Bergen, like on Fløyen or Bryggen. The last one we imagine as an application on a smartphone or tablet that shows the history or future of the place the user is located at the time. For example if the user chooses to see the future while he is standing somewhere on Bryggen, he will see that it will all be underwater. 

Our three pitches are due this Wednesday, and after that our next "meeting" will be on friday to discuss further tasks and the process for the project. 

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