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Group #6: User Testing and Interviews

For the last couple of weeks we've been learning how to use the Noldus equipment, which contains a pair eye tracking goggles and a stress bracelet. We had a few sessions with Oda, Jonathan and Fredrik where they taught us the basics of how the equipment works and how to read and analyse the data we get from it. During the last lecture we got to practice how to use the goggles and the bracelet on two testers by ourselves without any help from the lecturers. We decided to let the testers ask each other uncomfortable questions that we hade prepared for them. Only one of the testers were wearing the goggles and the bracelet, this way we got to see his reaction to both asking the questions as well as recieving them. We saw a clear pattern to where he focused his eyes to certain questions, and a slight rise in temperature and sweat.

After getting used to the Noldus kit we started user testing and interviewing informants last week. We decided to focus on the audience "grandparents between the age of 50 and 80". The interviews was within the museums opening hours to get the most real experience considering background noice and children running around with their parents. We let the informants interact with the globes for about 10-20 minutes and then sat them down for a short interview.

We also had our first user testing with the Noldus kit. Everything technical went as planned without any problems. We should, however, have scheduled more time with the informant. We did get a little short on time, and because of this we didn't get to ask the informant about any of the data recorded during the interaction with the installations.

In conclusion, we are all very satisfied with our first round of testing and are looking forward to working more on this project!

Tommy Kojen, Live Aadneram Enevoldsen, Camilla Bakke Hermansen, Kristin Eidsheim og Marie Presthus

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